Delhi statehood issue

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Delhi statehood issue is the one of the most important issue prevailing in our nation. Even after so many years, Delhi is not given the right status and category to which it belongs. We as responsible citizens should understand the Delhi statehood issue and create awareness among people who are not aware of this.

1. What is the status of Delhi?

Delhi statehood issue
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Most of you would be thinking that Delhi is a union territory but according to 1991 amendment Delhi is a quasi-state. Delhi is not a union territory. There are a variety of national organizations prevailing in Delhi we must respect each and every organization.

2. What is a quasi-state?

Quasi-state is a state whose government is controlled by both center and state govt.

Delhi statehood issue
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So, Delhi being a quasi-state is governed by both center and state govt with center controlling the police, DDA and the state govt controlling the basic amenities dept like water, electricity, health, education etc. There is also a local govt called the MCD for addressing the sanitation, cleanliness problems of the state.

3. What is the problem??

Problem is that the state govt has only limited powers and all its bills need to be sanctioned by the central govt. But in case of different parties in power in the center, state and MCD, there are frequent clashes between the these three just like the recent case of LG vs AAP govt.

4. Why can we not grant Delhi full statehood?

Delhi statehood issue
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-All central ministry offices, president’s office, PM office are located in Delhi.
-All foreign embassies are located in Delhi.
-Parliament is also located in Delhi.
So in case of different parties in the center and state govt, there would be clashes over the police and both the govt will try to stake their claim over Delhi.
-Centre govt should have some hold over Delhi as Delhi is the capital of the country. It is a norm of the whole world. No country’s govt provides full power to the capital state govt.

5. What can be the solution to the problem- Delhi statehood issue?

-In our opinion, we can solve the problem by ensuring proper coordination between the center, state, and MCD. We should elect the same party for all the three.

Delhi statehood issue
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Therefore, the Government must resolve this problem for the welfare of the people of Delhi and stop the blame game between the 3 levels of govt.


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