Qualities which made Bahubali an inspiration for us

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Hello friends, we all know that Bahubali is a blockbuster movie which has broken all records of success in Box office media. It has been a remarkable success not just because of the hard work of actors, director, producers and other crew members but because of human qualities that, are portrayed beautifully in the movie. The story is full of messages and ethics that can transform us to Bahubali in our real lives. There are many Qualities which made Bahubali an inspiration for us.

The movie is awesome if u haven’t watch it yet, Do watch it. The following qualities in the movie are an eye-opener for viewers and can change their way of thinking. These are the Qualities which made Bahubali an inspiration for us.


1st of all the Qualities which made Bahubali an inspiration for us.

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Bahubali is a great leader who admires his kingdom. He always believes in the welfare of the people of his kingdom. He never let them down and always works for boosting their morale. Even when his mother expels him from the palace, he lives among his people and considers it as an opportunity to improve their livelihood. He works for his people and kingdom development.
Thus he teaches us to lead our people lovingly and work for their cause without any self-greed. Thus leadership is first of all Qualities which made Bahubali an inspiration for us.


2nd of all the Qualities which made Bahubali an inspiration for us.

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Bahubali is a gentle and magnanimous man who always think about others before himself. During the song Jay Jay Kara, After working hard when Bahubali sits to take food, he distributes his food among young hungry children. During the war with Kalkeya when the opposition tries to threaten his people but he saves them with his presence of mind. On the other hand, Bhalla Dev in order to kill enemies kills his people all along the way. This explains that a real man is one who saves one life rather than killing thousands. His character and kindness are appreciable. It teaches us to be kind to our friends, family, teachers and any other person in this world.

3.Modern Thinking

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He attempts to change false traditions that were being participated in old times. During the beginning of the war when he is told to sacrifice a cow to inaugurate the war, he refuses and donates his blood to Goddess Kali. It teaches us to leave behind false ethics and move forward in life distinguishing right and wrong.

4.Presence of Mind

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Bahubali uses his sharp mind to estimate the attacks of the enemy and eventually prepares for it. He uses his practical knowledge to have an edge over his enemy. Bahubali uses amazing strategies during the war which fascinates the viewers. Thus it teaches us to use our mind in right and fruitful direction. We often waste our knowledge in unnecessary activities but one who uses it in right place and at right time is the real legend.

5.Down to earth and satisfied

People complaint what they don’t have and thus they forget about ‘what they have. ‘ Real man is one who uses the presence of mind and the scarcity of something doesn’t affect his goal.

  • When we have to click photographs, we complain that we don’t have a good camera.
  • If we want to sing, we complain that we don’t have enough money to take coaching.
  • When we want to start our own startup we complain that we don’t have enough expertise.
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These complaints and arguments lead to our failure and we are unable to stand alone. We are unable to define the path to success. Bahubali even after not getting the necessary equipment to fight the war, kills enemies with his mind and tactics. He uses simple equipment to fight the war. Though his equipment is simple, his practical knowledge was bigger than anyone else. Bahubali is a down to earth man which he shows by eating the food from the hands of village women.

6.Never Quit

During the war, Maheshmati was loosing and everyone except Bahubali believes that their death was near. He reminds them the true meaning of death and instills fire inside them against the opposition. In this way, he lifts people and leads them to the successful path. This teaches us that we should never fear failure before our trial. We should remember why we started before we quit.

7.Respecting elders and love our family

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Bahubali is a child who is ready to take any sort of pain for his mother. During his childhood, he took crab in his hand to protect her mother Shivagamini. During his death even after knowing that Kattapa was sent to kill him on her order, he tells him to take care of his mother. This shows that he is too much attached to her mother and loves her unconditionally. Bahubali’s son Shiva also loves her mother and for her, he carries huge Shivling to waterfall to prevent any kind of misery to her mother. Though Kattapa was his servant, he respects him like his uncle. Eventually, teaches us to love our family and our elders because they are the reason for our existence.

Thus Bahubali is a source of inspiration and motivation for all of us.

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