Stephen Hawking: A Man Who Never Lost Hope

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Stephen Hawking is a man who describes our true meaning of painful life. If we feel sorrowful in our life then we must see Stephen Hawking who always saw his life with a positive attitude. At times, when one feels helpless and leave every hope in life. Stephen gathered enough courage to move forward in his life and achieve something. He is an epitome of positive attitude and strongest willpower. Therefore, his disability was not able to dissolve his path.

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“However difficult life may seem, There is always something you can do and succeed at.”-Stephen Hawking


Stephen was an English physicist, cosmologist, author and research worker at the University Of Cambridge. He was the first person to set out the theory of Cosmology derived from Einsteins’ Theory of Relativity and Quantum Mechanics. Eventually,  A Brief history of time was his famous book.

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How the curiosity of a young guy turned him to the Great Stephen Hawking?

Hawking had a curious nature in his childhood. Moreover he along with his friends used to develop computer from old parts and telephone switchboards from other recycled material. Hawking had a great interest in mathematics. His father wanted him to pursue medicine as there were fewer jobs for mathematics graduates. Hawking decided to take Physics and Chemistry.

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Hawking begin his University education at Oxford at the age of 17 years. His physics teacher Robert Berman motivated him to do something different from others. Also, he developed some other hobbies and spent time on them with full vigor and enthusiasm. Hawking had a good study habit in the college. He studied almost 1000 hours in three years of his college. Gradually, his this study habit lead him to study about cosmology.

A tragic moment that destroyed him Physically but not Mentally

After developing an interest in Cosmology a tragic event happens in his life. He was diagnosed with a motor neuron disease. Hawking developed a form of motor neuron disease that gradually paralyzed him for years. Even after unavailability of speech, he was able to communicate with his speech generating device, firmly placed near his cheek.

Hawking fell into a depression but doctors advised him to continue his studies further. But unfortunately, his disease got severe and he was not able to speak and walk. Though he was completely shattered, his will was not destroyed. His friend Sciama encouraged him to return to his work and he came back to his work with full enthusiasm again. This shows his willpower and dedication.

His contribution to Modern Physics

Stephen Hawking is a huge personality in modern physics. He brought together different fields of theory like gravitation, cosmology, quantum, thermodynamics and information theory. Therefore, Hawking’s name is not mentioned without black holes and the Big Bang. He spent more than five decades working under extreme physical conditions on Big Bang and the Blackhole. He has to deal with a concept of space-time singularity, a point where the gravitational field of an object becomes infinite.

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A Discovery that changed his life

Gradually, Stephen worked on singularities in our universe and made an along with Roger Penrose stating that the universe must begin in a singularity. Hawking then described properties of Blackhole along with some mathematical calculations.

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After his work on black holes, he published his statement and named it as Hawking Radiation. Hawking Radiation states that “ A certain amount of radiation is released by black holes due to quantum effects near the event horizon. The effect in question is particle anticipate creation around the black hole.”

Awards and books

Royal society selected Hawking as its fellow. Hawking received  BBVA Foundation Frontiers of Knowledge Award in subject basic sciences along with  Viatcheslav Mukhanov for discovering that the galaxies were formed from quantum fluctuations in the early Universe. In 2016 Hawking received the lifetime achievement award “for his contribution to science and British culture” at the Pride of Britain Awards.

He also received the president’s Medal of freedom from President Obama.

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The books written by Hawking are:

A Brief History of Time (1988)

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The grand Design(2010)


RIP-Stephen Hawking

It feels sorrow to say that Stephen Hawking is no longer with us, but he left his blessings and knowledge to this world as his gift. It is our duty to respect his ethics and ideology. He had a very scientific approach to life and does not believe in heaven. So his works and theories are a great source of inspiration for us and to many who felt helpless because of being disable. He is a great source of motivation for all of us.

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  1. I am so glad he didn’t give up after he got sick! He was one of the smartest people of our time and gave us so much of the scientific knowledge we have today.

  2. What a great read. Stephen Hawking was truly an amazing man and had a unique and gifted mind. He gave us more than we could have ever given him.

  3. This was a great read about Stephen Hawking. He was an extraoridinary man that will forever have a place in history

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