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A movie is a source of digital technology which can create a deep impact on our mind and heart.Each and every motivational movie has a moral. Being a viewer it is our responsibility and ethic to understand the moral or message that motivational movies deliver.

There are a lot of Indian Motivational movies which has motivated and inspired people. We have selected a few of them and listed them according to their IMDB rating. These can prove a best source of motivation for one who wants to move ahead and excel.

6. Chak De! India

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This motivational movie starts with a hockey match between India and Pakistan. The India captain Kabir Khan misses the final penalty of the match.

This marks his downfall and overall controversies. He gets a charge of match fixing just because of religious prejudice.

After seven years Indian Hockey Association discussed about Indian women’s hockey team.According to Tripathi(head of Indian Hockey Association) women’s hockey has no future. Kabir Khan becomes coach of Indian Women’s Hockey Team.He selected 16 women candidates who were state champions. Kabir created a spirit of nationalism among them. The movie moves along with all the hurdles that they face while playing together.

But they were defeated by Australia in their first match in Women’s Hockey World Cup.

Kabir as a leader teaches them how to tackle each every difficult situation. Girls learn team spirit,patience,sportsmanship and work on their fitness.

Eventually they clear all rounds and reach final where they are again challenged by Australia. The 90 minutes time ends with a draw.But in penalty round India managed to beat Australia. Thus their hard work brings out result.The story ends with all the players returning their homes happily. Kabir Khan gets his lost respect by making his country proud.

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This is one of the best Indian motivational movies ever seen.


5. Iqbal

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Iqbal is the story of a deaf and mute boy Iqbal who wants to play cricket for team India. But his father do not support him. His father wants him to become a farmer to provide stability to income.

Her sister,Khadija helps him throughout his journey. He first plays and learns in a nearby academy run  by Guruji. But he was later thrown out due to a rich boy,Kamal who was his competitor and sponsor of the academy. But then he finds a coach,Mohit who once was a good  cricketer.He helps him and gets him stand for Andhra Pradesh Ranjhi Trophy. He plays tremendously and gets noticed by everyone.

Famous song Ashayein is always a soource of inspiration whenever listener hears it.

Then he plays against a team led by Kamal but Guruji tries to bribe Iqbal. He offers him to bowl bad and in return get desired money. Iqbal accepts in order to help his family. But to his fortune,he gets a better offer which helped him to bowl with his normal pace and thus helped team to win. He gets noticed by Kapil Dev and he selects him for Indian team. Story ends with Iqbal moving into stadium wearing blue jersey of team India.

This silent sincerity and hard work of Iqbal brings him to 5th place in the list of Top Indian Motivational Movies. Viewers are advised to watch this motivational movie.


4. Udaan

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A young 17 years old boy Rohan is expelled from the school along with friends for watching adult movies. When he returns home, he finds his father drunk and his brother Arjun screaming.

His father is shown a cruel,merciless and aggressive man. He wants Rohan to work in his metal factory and then attend his engineering lectures. Rohan was fond of writing but his father never supported him and later Rohan this he develop drinking habits.

He desperately fails in exams to continue his writing passion but out of fear he didn’t tell his father about his act. Later he came to know that Arjun was admitted in a hospital and thus he want to see him and came to know that he was beaten by his father daily. As a result the differences between a father and son continues. In the end both Rohan and Arjun left their father all alone!

This is one of the motivational movies which brings tears in the eyes of viewers.

3. Bhag Milkha Bhag

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This film is based on the efforts of an army man and how he turned into a runner. His coach starts explaining story of his lovely childhood. Then after partition everything gets dispersed. Then he raises in  a refugee camp by stealing along with his friends for living. As he grows,he falls in love with a girl,Biro who told her to live life of honesty.

Then Milkha goes to Indian Army where he develops an urge to run. He gets selected for Service Commission. But out of revenge,his competitors beat him badly. Even in terrible condition he competed and got selected for Melbourne Olympics. In Melbourne he is attracted to an Australian girl and they have one night stand. This leads to his exhaustion in next day’s match and thus he lost the match.

But then he realises his mistake and punished himself. He asks his coach about world record of 400 m race i.e. 45.90 seconds. He pushed hard and was ultimately able to break this world record with 45.80 seconds. Then he goes to Pakistan for representing India. He recalls his childhood memories there and meet his childhood friend Sampreet. He wins the race by defeating Abdul Khaliq and wins the title of The Flying Sikh.

2. Lakshya

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This is a story of a young man Karan Shergil who is unfocused in his life and has no goals for future. Her girlfriend Romila is a TV reporter. She asks him to find his goals and work for them. Soon he realizes his importance and thinks to do something in life. Karan applies for Indian Army because his friend was filling the form.

IMA(Indian Military Academy) selects Karan as a cadet and thus he joins IMA. Though his parents opposed it. But he was not able to tolerate strict rules and punishments in Indian Army and thus he returned back. This lead to her brake up with Romila.

Karan finally took his decision to go back and complete his target. Then he attends all training seriously and became a focused man. Indian Army places him in Punjab Battalion. He came to know that Romila was arranged. Then Army calls him for Kargil war where he dedicates himself for his country. Unfortunately most of his friends and colleagues dies but he survives till last. He plants Indian flag on Kargil peak. This brings him close to Romila and his parents.

Due to this wonderful plot and motivation Lakshya is ranked as second in list of Top Indian Motivational Movies.

1. 3 Idiots

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This is the story of 3 engineering students who study in Imperial College of Engineering. One of the friends Farhan recalls the story of the 3 friends. The movie starts in a flashback when they enters into the college. Rancho with his creative mind took revenge from their senior and protects himself from ragging. Then college days are marked with fun and joy.

The director of the college,Viru Sahastra Bhudde is an arrogant teacher who always consider being first in exam as best. They all used to toil him a lot during their college days.

Then one of the friend Raju Rastogi due to being last in the exam decides to change his company. He changes his room and starts living in Chatur, The learning machine of the college. After being fed up with and realising that his friends were right, Raju again join his friends. But a tragic happens when they all drunk pee in front of the director’s house. Director calls Raju and expels him from college.

As a result out of pressure, Raju suicides. His friends pushed all their limits to bring their friend back out of comma. Finally after a month Raju recovers and goes to a job interview where he  shows casual and real behavior and was able to grab the job.

Then Farhan also accomplishes his dream of becoming a photographer. This was possible only with the motivation and guidance shown up by Rancho to his friends. After the convocation, Rancho returns home. The friends try to find him out and they were able to fin him in Ladakh with some sources given by Chatur.


Finally they meet their friend after a lot of hurdles. They come to know that Rancho is a successful scientist Phunsukh Wangrhu. The movie ends with a famous line “Jahapana tusi great ho,taufa kabool karo“.

IMDB rates 3 Idiots as best among Indian Motivational Movies. Thus 3 Idiots is a source of motivation for all of us!


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If viewers have any other suggestions about ratings and rankings, they can write them in the comment box.



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  2. 3 Idiots is my fave Indian movie of all time. From its witful scripts up to the unpredictable ending, and the answer to the question why does astronauts use pen instead of pencil. They all made a great impact to me.

  3. These are awesome movies to watch. It excites me whenever I see an Indian movie, it is creative and fun to watch. But 3 idiots will still be my favorite.

  4. This is an awesome article…so empowering! As a counselor I’ve often signed people to watch particular movies to relate and be inspired.

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