List of Best Motivational Speakers in India

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Motivation is that spark which is created to convert a dead soul into a lived one. Motivation is all about zeal which is created by some outer source but without self-determination and belief,no one can transform us. Motivational speakers create a spark inside our soul to ignite our potential.

A good motivation can bring happiness,satisfaction and joy to one’s life.

Good motivational speakers truly serve as a god for one who is in pathetic condition and has lost all his hopes. They serve as a cure to his wounds by bringing him back on the track that he has lost.

we have prepared a List of best motivational speakers in our country:

Though there are many motivational speakers in our country but we have prepared a list of few best motivational speakers who can help in shaping our lives.

7. Shiv Khera

“Winners don’t do different things, but they do things differently.”

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Shiv Khera is a social worker and an activist. He began his journey as a car washer and then insurance agent before entering into politics.He grew as powerful leader and later founded Bhartiya Rashtravadi Samiti.

Today he has the power to move the people of our country just by his words. His ideology of human nature is different from all. He is also a good writer and has written many books related to politics. JEET AAPKI HAI was his one of the bestsellers.

For knowing more about him and his teachings check out his speeches through this YouTube video.

6. Priya Kumar

“There are no signboards in life; your inner voice and your inner knowledge are enough to lead you in the direction of your highest evolution.” 

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Priya Kumar introduce herself as a motivational speaker, Corporate trainer,Columnist and radio jockey. Her father worked in a medical industry and her mother served as a banker in RBI.  She began writing books and novels at an early age.

Then she completed her graduation in French and German. She taught tuition to students in these languages. After that she left tuition teaching and moved to a bigger motivational platform.

She conducted workshops and training for working youth of India. Priya has an expertise in exponential learning, Team management and leadership skills.

5. Robin Sharma

“The secret of success is the constancy of purpose.”

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Robin Sharma is an Indian writer and motivational speaker,who worked as a litigation lawyer until the age of 25.He is known for his The Monk who sold his Ferrari book.

Earlier he was a part of rat race and struggled a lot with his books and stuff.But then he proved the world, that his struggle was not waste,

Today Robin is working in big Multinational companies and has created his brand in international market.


4. Yogesh Chabria

“When you have nothing,you use your mind even more and then you realize, you have everything and fulfill every dream by taking action!”

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Yogesh Chabria apart from being a known motivational speaker is a successful entrepreneur. He is #1 bestselling author,investor and fonder of The Happionaire Way.

Yogesh was born in a middle class family in Bombay. He faced a lot of hardships during his life. Yogesh Chabria didn’t have even enough amount of money to take an Auto rickshaw and strive a lot during his early professional life.

But he always believed in the system of investing and returns. His first investment was of a lemonade company.Later he invested profit in other stuffs and launched The Happionaire Way which is a successful brand in the market. Through which every individual is working tremendously in the field of human resource and branding. Yogesh is always full of passion and infill it among others.


3. Chetan Bhagat

When you fly high people will throw stones at you. Don’t look down. Just fly higher so the stones won’t reach you.


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Chetan Bhagat was born in New Delhi and was put up by an army officer.His mother was a government servant.He completed graduation in IIM Ahemdabad. He worked as an investment banker in Goldman Sachs.But later he rejected his job because he wanted to pursue his writing career. Bhagat always had an urge if fulfilling his writing passion.He wrote Five point something(2004), One Night @ the call center which turned out to be his best sellers.

Chetan is young and talented motivational speaker who influence youth by his words and serves as a mentor for students and job employees.

His motivation is unique and special for all of us!

2. Deepak Chopra

“In midst of movement and chaos,keep stillness inside you”

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Though a doctor by profession but apart from saving lives he is also a revolutionary who instill people with motivation.

He spent his early age in medical training and practices but then he moved on to United States of America where he successfully practiced as a doctor.

But then he attained self-realization through powerful mean of yoga.The saintly ideas created an impact on him.He went to Maharishi Mahesh Yogi who guided him the right way and mantra of life.

Then he realized that ideas and philosophies that he received should also spread among other people also.Thus he decided to leave medical practice and stood up for a mission to motivate India.Now he is one of the best motivational speakers of our country

Apart from motivational speaker cum doctor, he is also a writer and has 80 books and 21 of them are New York Times bestsellers.His two most famous books are: The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success and The soul of leadership.


1.Sandeep Maheshwari

“Always remember that you are much more bigger than your problems”

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This is my favorite and I hope everyone’s favorite motivational speaker. He already has transformed lives of lakhs of youngsters. His speaking style and sense of humor is overall appreciable. Sandeep started his career as a college model and later became a photographer.

He learnt photography and decided to duplicate his work through teaching other.Then he converted his passion into success by launching his own online portal Today his website has over 1 million images of Indian models and hire photographers all across the globe.

Apart from this he is master in motivational speaking and running another website for booking of live motivational sessions. He is best of all motivational speakers.


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  1. I’ve never heard of any of these speakers. I would love to listen to all of their talks on podcasts or audio – do you know if those are available?

  2. I have been a great fan of Robin Sharma’s writing.I loved his Book “Who Will Cry When You Die?”. It is one of his masterpieces.Good post.

  3. Nice list. I have to hear to them. I have to admit that I like to listen to motivational speakers. I actually find it sad that we need to listen to them to be able to do something with our life. But any kind of help is welcome.

  4. Deepak Chopra of course is the one I know. I know him from The Secret and Oprah and I seen him once at Essence Fest 2 years ago that is amazing he is really in tune with universal messages.

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